How to buy and configure your camera

  1. Purchase an Olympus SP-500 UZ camera from LINK

  2. Install Olympus Master software (free) from the Olympus website: LINK

  3. Use Olympus Master to upgrade the camera firmware to version 1.2 (most cameras come with v1.1).  Connect your camera to the computer using a USB cable.  From the Olympus Master menu:  Camera->Update Camera.  Follow the onscreen instructions.

  4. Configure your camera for remote control.  Disconnect the camera from the computer.  Open the memory card door and remove the memory card if one is present.  Press and hold the OK/menu and Quick View buttons together. From the menu select Remote Control.

  5. Connect the camera to your computer via USB and start the SebecTec software.  Be sure your camera purchase includes the Olympus USB cable that came with the camera.  Otherwise go here to buy one: LINK

  6. The camera is controlled via a USB connection.  You can extend the length of the USB up to 150-ft using Vigor or Monoprice products.

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