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SebecTec products: 


Create time lapse videos from IP camera snapshots or a jpeg sequence, which can optionally be upload to your FTP server or displayed on your website. IPTimelapse has its own web domain.  Please go to IPTimelapse.com for information.


SebecTec Olympus SP-500UZ:

Operate your Olympus SP-500UZ camera as a high quality shapshot webcam to produce the best webcam images with auto timelapse production and on-image weather.  SebecTec Olympus software information

Turnkey Camera Systems:

Turnkey camera systems with website setup available.  Promote your view or monitor your construction project. If you don't have a camera we can ship one to you that when turned on will begin sending images and timelapse to a website we setup for you - no network setup by you is required. Simply connect a network cable to your router or we use preset WiFi settings. If you already have an IP camera we can capture snapshots using a virtual server to create your timelapse website. Please visit IPTimelapse.com for information.



Contact: info@sebectec.com